About Us

Who we are

The International online Academy EU (IoA) is the EU’s leading interactive online education platform for students and qualified tutors to connect across a diverse range of subjects. Creating educational opportunities for students across the globe, in a flexible and enjoyable way, IoA offers:

Our Mission

To create equal opportunities for students across the globe, by transforming access to education in a friendly and productive environment

Samia Gul - Founder

Following her experience over Five years as a teacher in international schools and as a face-to-face private tutor to students, Samia forged the idea of an accessible online learning platform, Which coincided with the obstacles faced in the education system by the global pandemic. Realizing that a 1-to-1 relationship between the student and tutor had a positive effect on learning, Samia created the International online Academy EU (IoA) to connect teachers from all over the globe with students who could access an affordable, personal learning experience from the comfort of their own home.