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Year 5


Python for Kids ( age 8-12 years)

 This live online class is designed for students who have no previous experience with Python or coding but the enthusiasm to learn programming. During this class, students will learn: what Python is? why it is a valuable skill to learn Python? some basic concepts of programming work in Peers on…

KS1-KS2 Math

This course is designed for primary children to learn Numbers   Times tables from 2- 12 Number and Place value  Four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)using different methods including solving word problems related to these operations. Fractions Geometry Recognized 2D& 3D shapes ( Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon,…

Beginner level German course

The Beginner A1 level German group online course is designed for primary age students from age 7-12 years old interested in learning German with having some prior knowledge of the German language. Students will learn the basic skills in listening and speaking and be equipped with the tools needed to…